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Photodex ProShow Producer 4.0.2479 + RUS
Photodex ProShow Producer 4.0.2479 + RUS Год выпуска: 2009
Жанр: Создание презентаций
Разработчик: Photodex Corporation
Сайт разработчика: http://www.photodex.com/products/producer
Язык интерфейса: Английский + русский
Платформа: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Системные требования: System Requirements Windows Vista, XP, 2000
1024x768 display
1GHz+ processor
1GB system memory
Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB ram
DirectX 8.0 or better
DVD+R/RW/-R/RW writer
70 MB hard drive space
Optional Requirements For Blu-ray output, a Blu-ray writer is required. Additional RAM
and free hard drive space is also recommended.
Supported Disc Writers 2300+
Supported Media Types DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW,
Описание: Photodex ProShow Producer - является ведущим программным обеспечением в области профессионального создания демонстраций слайдов.

ProShow Producer - чрезвычайно профессиональное программное обеспечение, легкое в использовании, имеющее бесподобную скорость и неограниченный творческий потенциал.

Программа создает качественные слайд-шоу. Обладает рядом различных дополнительных возможностей.

ProShow Producer может создать Видео CD диск (VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD, CVD и DVD) с помощью которого Вы сможете просмотреть на своем телевизоре любимые фотографии. Умеет записывать исходные изображения в виде MPEG-видеофайлов, поможет сделать хранитель экрана (ScreenSaver) для себя или друзей, а также выполняемую программу слайд-шоу, для просмотра которого не требуется установки на компьютер какого-либо дополнительного аппаратного или программного обеспечения.

Программа имеет в арсенале около 300 эффектов перехода между слайдами плюс возможность загрузить звуковое сопровождение.....
Output Formats
PC Output EXE, PC Autorun, SCR
Web Output Flash, PX, YouTube, Free Sharing through Photodex.com
Video Output MPEG2, MPEG1, MOV, WMV, 1080p/1080i/720p/720i HD-Video, Flash FLV, compressed AVI, uncompressed AVI, supports custom codecs

Цена программы - $249.9 (а у нас, как всегда... бесплатно...)

Доп. информация:
Функции (на англ.)

· Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide.
· Drag and drop to easily add content to a show.
· Supports 100+ file types.
· Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files.
· Turn any layer into a fully-customized mask to conceal or reveal aspects of underlying layers.
· Add a gradient or solid color as a slide layer to a layer to get incredible results.
· Spice up a presentation using interactive slide actions to launch PDFs, spreadsheets, webpages and more.

· Set transition effects for individual layers.
· Optimize your workflow using built-in image correction tools like sharpen, colorize, saturate and more.
· Create enhanced borders for your photos and videos with ProShow Producer's all-new vignette effect.
· Create Hollywood-style greenscreen effects with the all-new Chroma Key Transparency tool.
· Specify opacity for any layer on a slide.
· Add depth to your composition by adjusting the color and opacity of a shadow on any layer in a slide.
· Crop and rotate your photos and videos with precision.
· Use the red-eye removal tool to correct any photo in your show in seconds.

· Use adjustment effects to produce spectacular effects. Make a video move through color shifts or create a sequence of photo fades.

· Add multiple keyframes to each adjustment effect.
· Add motion like pan, zoom and rotate to any layer on a slide for a cinematic effect.
· Zoom X and Y coordinates for a layer individually and zoom out further than ever before.
· Create complex motion paths by setting multiple keyframe points on the keyframe timeline.
· The fully-customizable slide preview grid allows you to accurately position your photos and videos on a slide.

· Control the font, size and color of captions in your slides.
· Use caption keyframing to create multiple caption motion effects on a single slide.
· Animate your captions with more amazing effects to choose from than ever before.
· Add interactive captions to launch actions like Pause, Resume, Next Slide, Previous Slide, Write Email and many more.
· Gain greater design control over captions with ProShow Producer's new caption styles, caption line spacing and caption character features.

Music and Sounds:
· Enhance slide shows by dropping in any MP3 or WAV audio file.
· Save an audio track directly from a CD and drop it right into your slide show.
· Crop your audio and set fades using the built-in Audio Trimmer.
· Built-in soundtrack waveform in slide list.

· Add interest to your slide shows with solid colors, gradients, or videos as backgrounds.
· Use the new, built-in backgrounds to spruce-up your slide shows.
· Control the adjustment levels of your background content.

ProShow Prodcuer 3.0 Output Formats:
· DVD (with PC playback)
· VCD (with PC playback)
· Autorun CD
· Self-contained EXE
· Share shows via email
· Streaming web show
· Free online show sharing
· Streaming Flash video
· Compressed AVI
· Uncompressed AVI
· QuickTime video
· High definition video (HD)
· Windows Media Video (WMV)
· MPEG 1 and 2
· Screensaver

· Use slide show templates to boost productivity.
· ProShow Producer provides native support for RAW files from digital cameras.
· Use ProShow Producer's Projects mode to streamline workflow.
· ProShow Producer's refreshed user interface includes a soundtrack waveform, a new slide options dialog and a favorites pane.
· Get a close-up view of your work with a click of the mouse using the new Full Screen View.
· Recover moved or misplaced files from a show easily with the new Find Missing Files feature.
· Take complete control over show timing with the new timeline view.

Business Oriented Features:
· Capture Frames feature allows you to output JPeG files of each slide for printing.
· Watermark all the slides in your show with one click.
· Include your personal branding information and logo on PC shows and DVD menus to promote your business.
· Copy Protect CDs and EXE slide shows from unauthorized copying.

Все новое в новой, 4, линейке

New! Slide Styles
* Apply effects to your show with just a couple clicks
* Choose from over 75 pre-built styles
* Create, save, and share your own effects
* Apply pre-built slide effects to any show
* Any slide can be made into a style
* Minimize work by re-using your favorite slides

New! Blur
* Apply blur to any layer
* Use keyframes to turn blur in to a variety of effects

New! Adjustment Layers
* Create special layers that apply adjustments to parts of your show
* Adjustment layers behave like masks - easily control where adjustments are applied
* Use motion and keyframes to create advanced adjustment effects

New! Keyframe Editor
* Multi-layer keyframe control window
* View keyframes for all layers at once
* Easily adjust timing for multiple keyframes at once
* Easily align keyframes for layers and captions
* Zoom in and out on keyframes

New! On-Screen Controls for Playback
* New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, PC Autorun, Share Show
* Auto-hiding integrated toolbar appears only when you need it
* See the length of a show, and your current position
* Seek to any point in the show using the seek bar
* Control volume and mute
* Switch between full-screen and windowed view
* Use output options to disable the control bar for your shows

New! Animated GIF Support
* Add animated GIF files to any show
* Put all that clip-art to good use
* Use the Video Trimmer to trim the length of animated GIFs

New! Improved Audio Sync Tool
* Get greatly enhanced control over how your show syncs to audio
* Match to the entire soundtrack length, or length of any combination of tracks
* Modify slide times, transition times, or both
* Limit the amount of change to transition times so they don't get too big
* Make all your times the same, or maintain proportions between slides
* Time that are locked get left alone - so your complex slides aren't fried

New! Updated User Interface
* New Slide Options interface groups tabs into categories
* Refreshed Slide List display shows icons for locked time, layers, notes, and more
* View Timeline in seconds or minutes/seconds
* Add, remove and manage layers from most Slide Options tabs
* Add, remove and manage captions from the Caption Motion tab
* Easily access related show options from within Slide Options via links
* Configure colors used for the interface
* New 16:9 preview areas give you larger previews for today's hottest output formats
* Use keyboard shortcuts to switch Slide Option tabs and layers
* Menu buttons for previews, layers and captions put more features at your fingertips
* Wider keyframe controls allow more precise timing

New! Names and Notes
* Specify names for layers and slides to help you stay organized
* Specify notes for layers, slides and shows.
* Use names to keep your templates organized
* Use notes to track your progress as you work on a show
* Document how a show works before sharing with others

New! Modifiers
* Advanced feature allows for options to be adjusted based on other settings
* Link effect options between layers
* Use constant or function based modifiers for settings

New! Rotation Center Point
* Adjust the center point for rotation effects
* Easily rotate images around any point, such as a corner
* Use keyframes to move the center point during the effect

New! Lock Times
* Lock slide time to prevent changes, even during audio sync
* Lock slide time to the length of a video layer
* Lock slide time to the length of a slide sound

New! Improved Audio Control
* Trim / Crop Audio Visually in the Timeline
* Audio Trimmer Displays Relative Show Timing
* Control fade in/out for audio contained in video layers

New! Rotate Video File Output
* Change orientation of video file output, great for vertical flat-screen TVs and kiosks

New! Collect Show Files Listing
* Use the Collect Show Files dialog to save a list of content in your show

Additional Changes and Improvements
* New! Set Precise Fly In/Out Timing with Right Click on Caption Keyframe
* New! Randomize Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Motion Independantly
* New! Option to Remove All Captions from a Slide
* New! Automatic Check for Updates, with Preferences for Frequency
* New! Preferences for Auto-Save Frequency
* New! Preferences for Number of Backups to Save
* New! Preferences for Text Displayed for Files in the File List
* New! Preferences to enable/disable confirmations when you are closing Slide Options

Slide Styles Inlcuded with Version 4

Included Producer Only Styles:
* A Camera Flash with Print
* Display of Four
* Dramatic Titles
* Flying in Pairs
* Flying in Pairs 4x3
* Flying Snapshots 1
* Flying Snapshots 2
* Gradient Mask Blend
* Magnify
* Moving Lineup
* Photo Shake
* Reflection 1
* Reflection 1 4x3
* Reflection 2
* Reflection 2 4x3
* Rows Unfolding
* Shift to Color 1
* Shift to Color 2
* Shift to Grayscale 1
* Shift to Grayscale 2
* Spinning Three
* The Grid
* The Grid 4x3

Included Producer and Gold Styles:
* A Moving Backdrop
* A Photo Border
* A Photo Border 4x3
* Coasting
* Colorize Grayscale
* Colorize Sepia Antiqued
* Display of Five
* Display of Five 4x3
* Display of Five Still
* Display of Five Still 4x3
* Display of Nine Collapsing
* Display of Nine Expanding
* Display of Nine Still
* Display of Three Collapsing
* Display of Three Expanding
* Display of Three Still
* Filmstrip Border
* Filmstrip Border 4x3
* Filmstrip Border Still
* Filmstrip Border Still 4x3
* Images of Love
* Images of Love Still
* Photo Stack 1 Collapsing
* Photo Stack 1 Expanding
* Photo Stack 1 Still
* Photo Stack 2 Collapsing
* Photo Stack 2 Expanding
* Photo Stack 2 Still
* Scrolling Credits
* Single Snapshot
* Single Snapshot Still
* Spin and Grow
* Spin and Shrink
* Still Photo Black
* Still Photo White
* Swap Left 1
* Swap Left 2
* Swap Right 1
* Swap Right 2
* Swap Still
* Three to One
* Three to One 4x3
* Three to One Still
* Three to One Still 4x3
* Title with Four Images
* Title with Four Images
* Title with Four Images Still
* Title with Four Images Still 4x3
* Triptych
* Triptych 4x3
* Triptych Still
* Triptych Still

What's new in ProShow Producer 4.0.2479

· Fixed problems that could cause video output to fail on some systems
· Fixed problem where slide lock settings could be lost
· Improved compatiblity and stability of Device output

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Кейген от Core для старой версии. И генерирует плохо. Введите любое имя, любой номер, а потом проверяйте коды, вставляя их в окно программы, если не подошло - нажмите еще generate... - вставте в окно с регистрацией, если не подошло, то снова. Но этот способ мной лично не проверен.
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Это программа считается одной из самых лучших (если не лучшей) по созданию презентаций и аналогичного...

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Внимание! Для всех у кого после регистрации есть кракозяблы вместо русского языка используйте reg файлы в папке Reg_key. Для каких ОС - написано в имени рег файла. А лучше стоит до установки программы запустить reg файл.
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:help: :help: :help: Подскажите пожалуйста КАК Ии ГДЕ это сделать??? Прога супер!!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
2009-03-14 09:11
это долго рассказывать и к тому же у каждого разный файрвол...
2009-06-10 12:23
Плиз подскажите, как запустить руссификатор
2009-06-28 21:17
2009-06-30 09:36
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1. огроооооомное пасиба, Слоннадесять! после многочасового геморроя с неровижн, эта прога - просто улёт! на чистой интуиции слепил слайдшоу меньше чем за час. убиться можно...
2. в исключениях в файрволе прога вроде не прописывается. т.е. выходит, что она вроде не пытается с хозяином связаться. а для пущей гарантии я отключил в настройках программы автоматический апдейт. чего и другим советую.
3. для ещё бОльшей гарантии, перед установкой отключил кабель сетевой от компа - так уж точно до хозяина не достучится!
4. выше спрашивали: для установки русского надо просто запустить файл ...._rus.exe и в качестве цели указать папку, где установлена сама программа - у меня на немецкоязычной винде с полпинка встал (правда я перед установкой *.reg , как было в описании рекомендовано, дисциплиноровано установил).
5. ещё раз спасибо за роскошную программу, и за грамотно оформленый релиз - описание, инструкцию, описание багов, скриншоты.
2009-09-25 08:26
Thanks за фичу. Попробуем. Хотя я юзал подобную(MEMORIES ON TV) и в принципе был доволен. Может эта функциональней?
"Ищущий, да обрящет!"
2009-10-12 15:36
сидов оч мало :cry2:
2009-10-13 21:12
люди, раздайте, оч хочууу!
2009-10-14 23:11
крокозябры не исчезают, у кого есть нормальный руссификатор или подскажите что можно сделать.
2009-10-22 15:01
спасибо за релизик=) опробуем))
2009-10-23 23:16
целый день искала и наконец-то нашла как избавиться от "кракозябры"!!!! :ura: :ura: :ura: http://www.teosofia.ru/proshow_producer/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=72 - пользуйтесь на здоровье! :i_love:
2009-11-13 23:27
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